French Doors

French doors provide the perfect option for homeowners looking to let maximum light into their properties, whilst providing access to gardens, patios, decking or a conservatory.

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Let The Outside In

The extensive opening provided by French doors allow you the best of both worlds. They provide you better access to the outside of your home, but you are also installing the equivalent of a full length window for maximum light into your home.

Our door sets are available as an open-in or open-out styles depending on your preference. You can even choose which side is the master door and whether you would like one side larger than the other.

uPVC doors offer all modern day benefits you expect, such as noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and unbeatable energy efficiency.

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  • Optional master door
  • Friction free hinges
  • High security multipoint lock & shoot bolt
  • Steel reinforced
  • Double seal gasket
  • Available with full or slim threshold
  • Choice of stylish handle & hinge colours
  • Thermally efficient glazing (A-Rated available)
  • Various colour options available
  • Low maintenance uPVC profile
  • 10 year guarantee
  • CE marked
Want to Upgrade?
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By upgrading to Rockdoor French doors you are taking advantage of the most secure specification of French doors available on the market. Rockdoor systems truly stands out from the rest of the market, not only in style but in strength, security and unrivalled energy efficiency.

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