Not All Doors Are Made Equal

Take a look at how much thought, work and technology goes into something we all take for granted every day of the week in creating the UK’s strongest composite door. Each step in the manufacturing process makes every Rockdoor have the style, security and strength we demand.

Completely Safe Doors

For over 20 years, Rockdoor have know that their doors need to be strong, secure well-crafted and fitting to the environment it is to be used in.

Our locks and reinforcement are the best available on the market today helping us protect thousands of homeowners and families from burglary.

Every Rockdoor is strong and stylish. After all what good is pretty, if the result is not practical?

Totally Hooked On Security

Nearly 70% of burglaries involve forced entry through the front of back door.

Out nickel-coated solid brass hook locks slide into steel keeps that run the full length of the doors outer frame. It means your Rockdoor can’t be forced open keeping you and your family safe.

The Only Way Through A Rockdoor Is With A Key

It’s reassuring to hear and read about our 3 star cylinders (the best available), multi-point locks, 50mm thickness, hinge blocks, steel drill plates, carbon fibre reinforcement, toughened glass, S-Glaze technology and high impact uPVC skins used on a Rockdoor.

We believe that what matters most to you as you lock your home is that the only way to get past your Rockdoor is with your key.

A++ Composite Doors

The heat that’s lost through standard composite doors (such as those made of wood or glass reinforced plastic) means they can’t compete with a Rockdoor in terms of security and energy efficiency.

Thanks to our unique S-Glaze technology eliminating draughts, and carbon fibre reinforcing meaning our door is timber free, we’re able to offer the largest range of A++ doors available – by some way too.

Like your safety, your energy bills are in good hands.

A Front Door For Every Home

Whatever your taste, whatever your style, Rockdoors can be made to suit.

With over 25 styles, 13 colours and a huge range of stylish glass designs, you are able to choose a Rockdoor that is in keeping with the environment it’s destined for. Contemporary to traditional, we have a design to suit.

Secure Your Back Door

A secure back door is more important than having a secure front door. Why?

This is because burglars often target the back door to break into a property, as it’s out of sight, usually in the dark due to no street lighting.

Homeowners have over the years chosen cheaper inferior options for their backdoors, instead spending more on their front door.

For complete safety and peace of mind, a Rockdoor back door is a must.

Authorised Rockdoor Installs & Repairs

We are authorised rockdoor repairers with access to all components to repair your door

Want to design your door?

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